Lex Arcana - The Fall

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LATE PLEDGE - The volume will be available by April 2025. Postponements to this date are possible to ensure the best possible quality of the manual.

THE FALL - A single great sandbox adventure that establishes the beginning of the official storyline of Lex Arcana and which will shock the world. What is the perverse ancestral entity whose name is whispered at the borders of the Empire and who has crossed paths with the Custodes several times? What is it planning against the Emperor, and why? And above all… who has already been corrupted by its long claws?
But that is not all. Another unspeakable threat weighs on the Empire, at the center of an obscene cult that lurks in the catacombs of Rome and has crawled out of its thousand-year-old tomb. Already the cultists are plotting in the darkness, claiming a blood claim as ancient and powerful as Rome itself. Their shadows creep into unsuspected rooms. And while the Custodes must discover who to trust and who not to trust, the very foundations of the Empire shake. Because Rome is ETERNAL, but EMPIRES CAN FALL.

Unlike all the other volumes published so far, playable independently and at any time (such as the geographical modules), The Fall marks an important change because it seals the introduction of continuity in the world of Lex Arcana, in line with the most modern serial productions. The volume in fact contains fundamental events and changes, which will have a disruptive effect on the history of the Empire and which will be continued in the near future by other volumes "in continuity". Players will be able to decide whether to continue playing Lex Arcana as they know it or accept the challenge and immerse themselves in the changes in the story.

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