In addition to producing proprietary IP, Acheron is also a creative factory available for select third-party projects. Leveraging our artistic and commercial expertise (+2 million euros in crowdfunding in less than three years), we are open to external partnerships as a Creative Agency.  If you have an ambitious creative project and need an artistic partner or help to launch a Kickstarter campaign, contact us by filling out the form below!

We specialize in:


We work with the most important Italian fantasy writers and we can design successful novels or series, from the initial draft to the final text, from graphics to cover, and even translate them into English using native speaker translators and editors, ensuring the highest quality throughout every step of the process.


Our games are published in twelve countries, presented at major world fairs, and have won numerous international awards. We can create a title from scratch or develop it if you already have a winning idea, through a versatile team of authors, screenwriters, game designers, graphic designers, and illustrators.

Kickstarter Campaign


Launch of the role-playing game - Brancalonia Spaghetti Fantasy RPG. A fantastic, trampy, and roguish world that cites, collects, and mixes together contributions from contemporary Italian narrative and references to works from our local fantasy tradition, pop culture, and collective imagination.
Kickstarter Campaign

Brancalonia II

The launch of the new Brancalonia expansion includes stand-alone manuals with a complete war-themed campaign consisting of 10 interconnected adventures, new backgrounds, an in-depth look at the North of the Kingdom, new tavern games, new military equipment, new magical trinkets, and over 20 new adversaries and monsters.
Kickstarter Campaign


Introducing a new role-playing game that transforms The Divine Comedy into a GDR setting. This epic narrative poem is widely considered the most representative work of Italian literature. It promises to be a unique and unforgettable experience. Every monster, phenomenon, environmental effect, situation, and danger from Dante's Inferno can be found in the game, allowing players to have a complete and philologically accurate experience of the Cantica!
Kickstarter Campaign


"Apocalisse" is the ultimate role-playing game based on the Book of Revelation of St. John that will lead you into the final war between angels and demons. Fight for humanity, conquer the Seven Seals, and defeat the otherworldly forces that seek to destroy the world! The end of the world has finally arrived...
Kickstarter Campaign

Lex Arcana

Lex Arcana is a role-playing game set in ancient Rome, which blends history, mythology, and legend. Thanks to this Kickstarter campaign, the game is expanding with two new titles. In Lex Arcana, players take on the role of Custodes of the Cohors Auxiliaria Arcana, imperial agents sent on missions. The game is set in a world where Roman imperial legions clash with barbarian hordes on the battlefield, while ancient monsters, mystical powers, and nameless cults threaten the rule of the Caesars from within.
Kickstarter Campaign

Brancalonia 3

Brancalonia, a Spaghetti Fantasy setting for the Fifth Edition of the most famous role-playing game of all time, winner of 4 ENnies Awards - the Oscars of role-playing games - has returned with: DOC Bestiary, a monster manual (and their respective recipes!), compatible with all 5e settings; Atlas of the Kingdom, the ultimate guide to the Kingdom of Brancalonia, compatible with all 5e settings; Terre Furiose and other dirty little jobs, a new campaign and many new adventures!

Kickstarter Launches

We can help you launch your artistic product on Kickstarter. In less than three years, we have raised over two million euros in Kickstarter campaigns, and we can organize your entire marketing campaign, launch, fulfillment, and customer care.


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