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You always wanted to be a gangster

Malavita – An Italian Crime Story  is based on the Dice Point System, first developed for Lex Arcana ( the most played ltalian RPG in the world) by Francesco Nepitello (The One Ring author).

Download the 80+ pages Quickstarter for free, together with six pregenerated characters and a complete adventure.


Porto Franco (“free port”) is a city as tough, grim, and fierce as the lives of those who have claimed  it as their battlefield. Rivers of dirty money flow as easily as bullets rain from the sky.

This is a greedy and unjust metropolis: quick money is easy to make, and ideals break just as easily in the face of iniquity and deceit. These are the 1970s, the Years of Lead: a time of disorderly growth and unstoppable change, but also rooted in violence, inequality and corruption.

In Porto Franco, the Elite rules, the Underworld controls the streets, the Law is merciless, and the People rebel…

Among bloody score settlings, fragile treaties and uncertain turf divisions, this lawless world is a powderkeg.

No one wants to be around when it goes tits up.


Malavita – An Italian Crime Story is a role-playing game about armed gangsters, ruthless outlaws, good-hearted scoundrels and street lowlife, always teetering between redemption and damnation, between the stars and the gutter.

Malavita draws heavily on the imagery and aesthetics of the Italian “Years of Lead” – the period between the 1960s and 1980s, in which political terrorism was a daily occurrence, and those involved were part of the state, general public, and rogue cells alike – as well as from crime novels, thrillers, giallo fiction, noirs and gangster stories past and present. Further influences can be found in plots featuring espionage and international terrorism, political subversion and the clash between the world’s powers.

Santa Latitanza

Wealthy, exclusive, visited by criminals from all over the globe, the island of Santa Smeralda is its own Princedom located between Sardinia, Corsica and the Balearic Islands in the Mediterranean.

A capital of luxury, deviancy and business, top destination for millionaires, celebrities, meddlers and international traffickers of these new 20s. Santa Smeralda regularly makes the headlines for its vertiginous cost of living, incredibly permissive tax system, banking discretion and anti-extradition policies, useful for the many wanted individuals that populate its settlements. To many, it’s known as the Montecarlo of Crime; to some, the Hiding State.

To you? The setting for your next job!


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