Lex Arcana - Rise of Atlantis

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LATE PLEDGE - The volume will be available by April 2025. Postponements to this date are possible to ensure the best possible quality of the manual.

RISE OF ATLANTIS - The first campaign of Lex Arcana, and the first volume of a new series of modules called "Expeditions": special adventures outside the imperial borders, and characterized by a more adventurous and action style. In this first volume the Cohors Arcana will set off on a journey far beyond the Pillars of Hercules, in search of the legendary last Atlantean colony... From the crowded ports of the Mediterranean to the ancestral secrets of ancient nuraghes, from the tombs of the Pharaohs to the deadly alleys of the second city of the Empire - the conturbating Alexandria - and up to the labyrinth par excellence, designed by the legendary Daedalus, the contubernium will not have a moment's respite!

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