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Enter Boogeyman is an astounding anthology dedicated to the figure of the boogeyman, written by the best horror pens, including Stephen King, Joe R. Lansdale, Ramsey Campbell, Richard Chizmar and many others. Introduction by Poppy Z. Brite. Editing by multiple Bram Stoker award winner Alessandro Manzetti.

Full illustrated by Christian Ward and Francesco Biagini, a hardcover for the horror enthusiast and the bibliophile alike!

In this collection of dark tales, the authors explore the Boogeyman in its many different forms. Using imagination, nightmares, reality, dread, these eighteen tales are sure to remind you of your own boogeyman... alive or dead.

Featuring stories:

  • Dreams in the winter house, by Anna Taborska. Times passes for everyone, even for a Boogeyman. Sometimes, it reveals cruel surprises, too…
  • Boogeyboy, by Graham Masterton and Karolina Mogielska. “Who can kill a child?”: that’s the terrifying question that here will find its answer.
  • Shadow Bro, by Lisa Tuttle. A Boogeyman is hidden in a tin box, but he’s not easy to chase away, because he’s part of the family.
  • Mackintosh Willy, by Ramsey Campbell. Sometimes the best revenge is to become the scary man yourself…
  • The monsters and the maiden, by Gwendolyn Kiste. Some families hid scarier secrets than the ones living in our nightmares.
  • A nightmare on Elm Lane, by Richard Chizmar. A classic skeleton in the closet, but it doesn’t want to stay in its place.
  • Of childskin, by Lucy Taylor. The Cucoy, the Mexican Boogeyman is always hungry. Of your flesh and blood.
  • Bad Little Kid, by Stephen King. Sometimes kids are obsessed with the idea of the boogeyman. Sometimes it’s the opposite, or so it would seem…
  • Long Black Being, by Brian Evenson. A childhood story by a wicked sister quickly becomes a much too real nightmare: some scars linger through the years.
  • The accidental Boogeyman, by Linda D. Addison. New York’s lights keep the shadow at bay. But maybe there’s an old Brooklyn house which is not as lit as it should be.
  • The long goodbye, by Craig Spector. An old mother who suffers from dementia – the long goodbye of the title – is, unfortunately, an open door for the shadow of the Boogeyman.
  • Auon Dewa, by Lucy A. Snyder. The thing living in your closet could be far more ancient than you think.
  • Morning, Noon and Night, by Joe R. Lansdale. A young boy thinks he’s smarter and meaner than the Boogeyman, so much so that he tries to cheat him. What could possibly go wrong?
  • Cry, by RC Matheson. Manhattan’s rain brings not only the melancholy of time passed and things lost, but also dangerous shadows.
  • Only Children, by Gemma Files. The main character of this story, a photographer working mostly on crime scenes, will discover that playing with the dead can cost you a lot.
  • Elect “Bo” Geeman!, by John Shirley. The new US presidential candidate seems to be coming out of a frightened child’s closet… and maybe that’s not far from the truth!
  • Alice’s Adventures in Monsterland, by Mercedes M. Yardley. Sometimes things hidden in the closet are passed down generations after generation.
  • Birthed from the air, from the heights, by John Langan. The slender figure of the Boogeyman here takes the form of something with really too many legs…

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