Brancalonia - The Empire Whacks Back [DIGITAL PDF]

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May the fork be with you!

Brancalonia – The Empire Whacks Backis Brancalonia’s first official campaign, created in cooperation with Feudalism and Freedom.

This book contains an original gaming campaign made up of ten interconnected episodes, and also features additional content unlocked during the outstanding crowdfunding campaign held in 2021.

In this new expansion you will find:

  • An original campaign with ten interconnected episodes.
  • New information about the Empire, its secrets, and its armies.
  • Three new playable races: Arcimboldi, Jackrabids, and Paraghouls.
  • New backgrounds, new Dive Games, new Grandluxuries, new Equipment, and new Magical Junk available to your Knaves.
  • Four new cities to explore, each with its own map, ideas for new adventures and secrets to uncover.
  • More than 20 new monsters, foes, and enemies.
  • The Fork Awakens - An in-depth look at the Imperial Inquisition and the Order of the Fork.
  • And much more...
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